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Yamaha fz8 2011 specs features price detailse

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Yamaha fz8 2011 Specifications and Features
Yamaha fz8 2011 pictures,Photos and images

Another great thing that Yamaha did to the FZ8 was its 779cc engine. This engine has the power to deliver 106.2 hp at 10,000 rpm and 60.8 ft-lb of torque at 8,000 rpm. It has two injectors per cylinder, accompanied by a generous 7.8L air box and asymmetrical intake manifolds. The engine’s two inner cylinders generate more torque and the two outers focus more on power.

2011 Yamaha FZ8 joins the American FZ motorcycle model line-up. The Yamaha FZ8 inherits proven Yamaha R1 and FZ1 technologies, including forged aluminum pistons, fracture-split carburized connecting rods, and ceramic-composite-plated cylinders. The Yamaha FZ8 motor's compact, pent-roof combustion chamber has a 12:1 compression ratio with 26mm intake valves and 22mm exhaust valves, aids the production of both low-end torque and high-rpm power of this engine.The 2011 FZ8 is believed to be an improved version of the previous Yamaha bikes. It’s production was greatly inspired by its siblings; the FZ1 and FZ6.

The three FZ models share a common chassis, swingarm, and a majority of engine components. Also, the FZ8 was created with a good bottom end and gearbox that were that much better than the 2008 R1. It has a faster engine performance that reduces the boredom brought on by the 1000cc FZ1, and a four-valve head design upgrading the FZ1’s five-valve.

Overall length, fork rake, and trail figures are identical between the FZ8 and FZ1, but the FZ8's inverted 43mm KYB forks aren't adjustable like the FZ1's, while the FZ8's rear shock is only preload adjustable, unlike the FZ1's preload and rebound-adjustable suspension. Stopping power comes from dual disc 310mm four-piston brakes up front, and a single-disc rear.The 2011 Yamaha FZ8 is priced at $8,490 and shares numerous basic components with its big brother FZ1. Its upright posture splits the aggressive ergonomics of fully-faired sport bikes like the R6 and R1, and comfier long range sport tourers like the FJR1300A.

Yamaha fz8 2011 specs features
  • The muscular,
  • naked bike styling gives it an aggressive,
  • mass-forward stance while the comfortable,
  • upright riding position with a compact design contributes to the bike’s first-rate handling.
  • The compact, pent-roof combustion chamber has a high 12.0:1 compression ratio with 26mm intake valves and 22mm exhaust valves contributes both to the superb torque and high-rpm power of this engine.
  • The intake funnels for cylinders 2 and 3 are 25mm longer than the two outside cylinders and helps maximize the engine’s punchy torque delivery.
  • A controlled-fill aluminum die-cast swing arm saves weight and is tuned for excellent handling.
  • Superb braking power is accomplished via 310mm front discs,
  • squeezed by monoblock four-piston calipers,
  • a single 267mm rear disc
  • 5-spoke cast aluminum wheels contribute to the light and neutral handling character.
So, the FZ8 is actually in a fairly unique position in the marketplace, and is a new option for American riders.At a list price of $8,490, the 2011 FZ8 undercuts the FZ1 by a fair margin. The 2010 FZ1 carried an MSRP of $10,290, and we expect that to increase for 2011. In simplistic terms, the FZ8 provides an unfaired and 200cc smaller FZ1 at a savings of around $2,000 or so.

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