Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lincoln Town Cars Limousine Type

Lincoln Town Cars
The Lincoln Town car is the most used limousine and chauffeured car in America. It is quite affordable when compared to its European counterparts at a base price of nearly $50,000 which goes up by $100,000 for its ballistic protection feature. Thus with the palatial dimensions, smooth and silky ride and a massive trunk, the Lincoln Town car presents the most ideal shuttle for aristocrats and VIPs that need a lift.
The newer models of the Lincoln Town car are appreciated for its stronger frame, upgraded brakes and sharpened steering features. The abundant storage areas, roomier interior space, large trunk and a magic carpet ride quality are the other features that have earned the current Lincoln Town car accolades from critics and users. Touted as an affordable luxury car, it holds a special place in the luxury sedans segment. Giving competition to its competitors, the Lincoln Town car scores over them due to its six occupancy seating arrangement, large interior spaciousness and a larger trunk space where at least four full sized golf bags can fit, when compared to other sedans.


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