Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Remote-controlled exhaust valves now available for the Nissan 370Z

cobrazpipes Remote controlled exhaust valves now available for the Nissan 370Z
German tuner Cobra Technology and Lifestyle has developed a range of aesthetic and performance parts for the Nissan 370Z coupe and roadster. One of them is an exhaust with a remote-controlled butterfly valve that allows the driver to control how loud it bellows. Delivering the same kind of effect you’d get by revving an Aston above 4,500 rpm, you can buy 120-mm pipes with a flap that ranges from “discrete sportiness to pure racing sound.”
You can check it the sound range in the video after the jump. Even with the flaps open it doesn’t seem bad at all, but it might still come in handy for those hamlets where any kind of loud noise is a no-no.
[Source: Gizmag]


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