Sunday, January 9, 2011

Paris Preview: Peugeot celebrates bicentennial with EX1 electric roadster

ex1 web630 450x298 Paris Preview: Peugeot celebrates bicentennial with EX1 electric roadster
Automotive history is riddled with examples of crossovers between cars and motorcycles. Some are made by automakers, others by motorcycle manufacturers. But if you’re going to make a go of it, it probably helps to have a company that makes both. A company like Honda, Suzuki or BMW. Or Peugeot.
Gearing up for its home expo, the 2010 Paris Motor Show, the French automaker has unveiled a unique take on the formula called the Peugeot EX1. Of course, what you’re looking at is a show car, a concept for how the company’s two core competences can be melded together in one vehicle.
The EX1 celebrates the marque’s 200th anniversary in the form of a lightweight, all-electric two-seat roadster which Peugeot claims “has already broken several world records for acceleration from a standing start.” To that end, the equivalent of 340 horsepower is channeled from a pair of electric motors to all four wheels, mounted at the rear as if on a trike, but with enough track to maintain the stability of a conventional car.
It’s an intriguing concept that reminds us of the nearly produced Volkswagen GX3 trike concept of 2006. While you’re waiting to get our firsthand snapshots and commentary from the Port de Versailles show floor, you can check out the massive high-res image gallery below and the full details in the press release after the jump.


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