Monday, January 17, 2011

Mini Traveller Scooped

Carscoop MINITR 0 Mini Traveller Scooped
It’s been nearly two years since we first laid our eyes on the Mini Traveller Concept Frankfurt and its colourful spouses, the…witty named Detroit, Geneva & Tokyo Concepts. However, it’s not over yet since we’re waiting for the Traveller to make a comeback at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Only now, it’s going to be the final production version, which will go on sale in Europe in 2008. Automotorundsport has managed to scoop a bunch of pictures of the production version during test runs. Interesting enough, the car spied seems to be fitted with opposite-hinged rear doors, though the duck-tape may have been used to fool us. In any case, the Traveller will be definitely more practical and spacey than the new MINI with which it’ill share the same engine range. Via: Automotorundsport

Carscoop MINITR 2 Mini Traveller Scooped

Carscoop MINITR 3 Mini Traveller Scooped

Carscoop MINITR 4 Mini Traveller Scooped


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