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Mercedes Ciento 2011 price specs features-details

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Mercedes Ciento 2011 Specifications and Features
Mercedes Ciento 2011 pictures,Photos and images

The C111 was an experimental vehicle by Mercedes-Benz that featured a four-rotor Wankel engine. It never made it to production although Mercedes did follow with successor concepts.Mercedes C111, a car that was globally lauded back in the day for its revolutionary Wankel diesel engine. Despite the number of prototypes that were made, the C111 never became a production model and soon thereafter, it was lost in the yard of discarded concept models, never to be heard from again.

The Ciento Once proposal includes a tubular space frame chassis with a Mercedes M120 V12 engine producing 408 hp (304 kW / 414 PS) and is coupled to a 6-speed Cima H type trans-axle.the original at 103 inches (2616 mm) and weight is similar at 1,400 kg (3086 lbs).

The interior of the Ciento Once resembles the original from the 70's with some updated features: carbon fiber seats covered in plaid, instrumentation modeled after a W120R MB (including the radio and the a/c control unit), brushed aluminum pedals, dashboard accent, and illuminated door sills.

The power plant is a M120 Mercedes V12 engine with 408 HP, which can be admired trough a glass on the rear deck. The robust engine is paired with a 6-speed Cima H type transaxle and a special tuned exhaust.

The Ciento Once will feature a slightly shorter wheelbase than the original (103 in) and maintain the weight around 1,400kg. Assisted by the upgraded suspension with coil-overs, to adjust the ride and height, and the same braking set up as the S55 Mercedes Benz, this car will definitely be fun to drive.

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