Saturday, January 1, 2011

2012 Ford Focus gets wrapped up in tattoos

lede 2012 ford focus tattoo 450x220 2012 Ford Focus gets wrapped up in tattoos
Ford really wants owners to personalize their vehicles, and over the past year the automaker has launched custom graphics for the Mustang, Taurus, Fiesta and F-150. Now another car is getting in on the vinyl wrap fun – the 2012 Ford Focus. Through the website, 2012 Focus owners can apply vinyl ‘tattoos’ to their cars.
The Blue Oval team did some research and found that nearly four in 10 Millennials have at least one tattoo. It’s not a stretch, then, to figure they might want to throw one on their car. People already put graphics on cell phones, laptops and whatever else is around, so allowing an outlet for automotive creativity makes sense. These automotive tattoos won’t be in short supply, either – Ford is offering over 200 different designs for the all-new Focus.
The graphics range in price from $120 up to $470 and they’ve all been produced by Original Wraps. Of course, each wrap is easily removable should you get bored with the look – something that can’t be said for an actual tattoo. Follow the jump for Ford’s official press release.


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