Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 Tata Nano automatic specs features price

Here we provide 2011 Tata Nano specifications,2011 Tata Nano features and 2011 Tata Nano overviews.You will have to get a full and detailed structure of 2011 Tata Nano.TOP SPEED have been equipped with some rare and High resolution wallpapers of the 2011 Tata Nano.2011 Tata Nano price may be very with Addition of extra segments.Click each 2011 Tata Nano wallpapers form 2011 Tata Nano gallery and get high quality-high resolution 2011 Tata Nano wallpapers.

Tata Motors has been in discussion with a Quebec-based company in Canada to make this gearless dream come true. Tata has already invested a huge sum in this project and is in the process of signing a deal for supply of parts for the gearless Nano with C-Tech, a Montreal-based auto component maker.

Tata might launch the Nano with CVT by the end of 2011. A CVT Nano would make sense in a way. Our cities and terrible traffic conditions make automatic transmission a god-send. However, usually, automatic transmissions are priced at a premium over the manual transmission version. Would that work in the case of a Nano? Or has Tata figured out a way to make it almost at the same cost as a manual transmission? We don’t have to wait a long time to find out.

It has 2 cylinders, 624 (cc) engine with 4-speed Manual transmission system. This is excellent car for busy roads of urban India with its stat-of-the-art rear engine placement. Ratan Tata, Chairman of Tata Motors once decided to provide a cheap car to those lower middle class people who use two wheelers and this car is completion of that dream. Tata Nano is available in 6 colours and 8 variant. Air conditioner/auto systems are available in only top-end variant.

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