Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sabine Schmitz needs your help to save the Nürburgring

sabine ringsave vidcap 447x300 Video: Sabine Schmitz needs your help to save the Nürburgring

Race tracks open and race tracks close. It’s an unfortunate reality. But there are some circuits that we simply couldn’t imagine the world carrying on without. Like the Nürburgring Norschleife.
Lamentable as it may be to even ponder, the legendary road-course in Germany is apparently in trouble, and not the kind that Lassie can save them from. The track is reportedly half a billion euros in debt, and while the government apparently wants to help, that support has apparently arrived in the form of indoor roller-coasters and other amusements built by private companies. Unfortunately, all the ‘Ring really needed was a new parking lot and some maintenance.
With the unthinkable looming on the horizon, supporters have enlisted one Sabine Schmitz – the Ring Mistress herself – to campaign on their behalf. Follow the jump to hear her plea, and check out SaveTheRing on Facebook for more..


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