Thursday, December 30, 2010

Infiniti, BMW And Mercedes Benz

2011 Infiniti M Series

BMW And Mercedes Benz

Without a doubt, driving a crème de la crème luxury car is thrilling, exciting and loads of fun. We often hear the saying “Money Can’t Buy Happiness”. Perhaps it can’t buy you happiness but it sure can buy you one might fine car, even one with twelve cylinders and more horsepower than you’ll ever need! Here is a list of the top luxury car brands in the automotive market.

Mercedes Benz- This is the first brand that comes to mind when you hear the phrase “luxury car”. Studies have shown that Mercedes is the number one brand prestige brand that consumers immediately associate with wealth, affluence and social status. For 2011, Benz has updated the look of its mid-level E-Class trim with a set of new angular lights and a new modern look. Mercedes is no longer just prim and proper, she can also be daring and aggressive! It is rather interesting to observe that many older C-class models are being utilized as taxi cabs in many European countries. This is testament to the durability of Mercedes engines; some of the engines on the taxi cabs have reached and surpassed the six figure range. Lots of young Hollywood stars opt for Mercedes; pop sensation Britney Spears has been often seen causing mayhem in the streets of L.A in her white Mercedes SL65 while actress Lindsay Lohan has been involved in an infamous car crash in her black SL65. This top of the linemodel comes with a V12 engine and an incredible 604 HP with a heavy price tag of approximately around $199k.

BMW- Known as the “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, this brand is targeted to consumers who crave an athletic and performance oriented vehicle. The difference between BMW and Benz is that the first is engineered to be performance oriented while the latter is aimed towards driver and passenger comfort. The most famous trim by a mile is the 3-series, which offers quality performance, handling and power at a competitive price in the entry-level market. The 335 model comes with an engine that puts out an incredible 300 HP and 300 lb feet of torque. My personal favorite has to be the top of the line 7 Series, which oozes power and class; the 2010 model boasts a eight cylinder engine with 400 HP.

Infiniti – Nissan’s luxury line is making big waves in the market with its sleek, high-performance and powerful vehicles. Infiniti has recently unveiled its high performance IPL line to the public, which is a more affordable alternative to Benz’s AMG line and the M3 series from BMW. The advantage that Infiniti has versus the other upscale car manufacturers is that its service and maintenance costs are towards the lower end of the scale. In general, Infiniti is also more competitively priced when compared with BMW and Benz. A stand out is the top of the line M56 which comes equipped with a mighty eight cylinder engine and 420 HP, with the AWD model starting at around $60k. For more info about Infinity, visit Luxury Cars Bay Area for a great selection. Bay Area Infiniti Dealer has the M56 plus the super sleek Infiniti G37 Bay Area in stock. For a more affordable line-up, check out the more affordable Used Cars Bay Area selection.

Money may not necessarily buy you happiness but it can sure buy you a fine looking car. If you’re looking for an upscale auto, you really cannot go wrong with any of the brands listed above; they are all top notch in their own right. Luxury Cars Las Vegas boasts an incredible selection of Aston Martin vehicles such as the Vantage.


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