Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First factory-built Fisker Karma hits the stage


leadfiskerkarmaparis2010 450x298 Paris 2010: First factory built Fisker Karma hits the stage
Staying true to its concept form, the factory-built Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid that hit the stage at the Paris Motor Show retains the concept’s massive 22-inch wheels (Fisker says it’ll be the first production car equipped with standard 22s), sensuous styling, 403-plus horsepower rating and the company’s promise ofachieving 100-plus miles per gallon in regular use. So, what’s exactly different about the factory-built version? Well, the most notable exterior modification is the addition of a (blacked-out) B-pillar, which was apparently required to increase the vehicle’s structural rigidity.
Aside from the added pillar, we can’t really pick out any differences between the gorgeous concept that we laid eyes on a few years ago and this production-ready version that hit the stage in Paris. Fisker still lists a base price of $88,000 and anticipates that deliveries will begin early next year, or so it says. We hope to get up close and personal with the Karma at the upcoming LA Auto Show, but for now, hit up that high-res gallery of live shots that just came in from Paris and hop the jump for more info from Fisker.


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