Saturday, January 8, 2011

AC Schnitzer BMW X1 Sportsmanship for Small SUV Review 2010

Best review, detail specification, tuning performance and test drive of new elegant luxury sport car 2010 AC Schnitzer BMW X1 design technology with picture gallery. It was a matter of time before AC Schnitzer shows his own vision of the BMW X1, the new offshoot of Stuttgart. The small SUV in the Bavarian brand fiercest show his face in the Geneva Motor Show 2010, under the direction of this trainer so closely linked to the brand. As usual, AC Schnitzer’s work is outstanding: the German mechanical and cosmetic touch up without being carried away by the excess. I could not be otherwise.
The kit focuses on empowerment diesel variants of the BMW X1, while the petrol version of inline six-cylinder remains intact with its 258 hp. AC Schnitzer adds a twin-turbo 2.0 to 1.8 and taking delivery of diesel to the 171 and 210 hp respectively. For its part, the most powerful diesel range, the 2.3 turbocharged 204 hp, also receives an extra shot of power reaching 240 hp. The mechanical modification package is available both for the xDrive all-wheel drive versions, and for rear-wheel drive sDrive. Accompany the supercharged engine a sportier suspension, a new muffler and chrome exhaust pipes, all also available for petrol variant.



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